Best quality 3D printing is our goal.

Quality is our priority at 3D Lab Bali.
With precise 3D printing, we turn your ideas into exceptional creations.
We operate and master various printers, which helps us deeply understand all aspects of 3D printing. This enables us to not only provide good quality 3D prints but also to constantly improve our skills.

Our studio has such printers as:
  • Ender 3 S1
  • Ender 6 (klipper based)
  • Elegoo Neptune 4 Max
  • Bambu Lab P1P
  • Bambu Lab X1C
  • Anycubic M3
  • Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra
Our services
3D modeling and On-site measurements
We help to transform your ideas into reality with our top-notch 3D modeling services, customized to suit your unique requirements
FDM printing
Discover the possibilities of our FDM 3D printing service, expertly shaping your concepts in high-quality plastic materials, harnessing the latest technology to create precise and durable prototypes and products.
SLA/MSLA printing
Explore perfection with our SLA 3D printing service, crafting intricate designs with high-resolution precision, transforming your concepts into tangible reality
3D Scanning and Reverse-engineering
We help customers by accurately analyzing and recreating objects, providing tailored digital models to match their specific needs using 3D scanning technology.
3D Printer repair and maintenance
We help our clients to fix and repair their 3D printers, do a maintenance. Also we can help with 3D printer upgrades, install better extruder, mainboard or upgrade printer to Klipper software
Post-processing and Painting
Enhance your 3D prints with our thorough post-processing services, where expert finishing touches bring your creations to life, ensuring best quality and visual appeal.

Our projects

We extensively assist clients in obtaining top-quality prints, using a variety of materials including PLA, PETG, TPU, and ABS. Additionally, we offer composite materials like PETG-CF, Nylon-CF, and PAHT for durability. Our resin options include ABS-like resin for strength, as well as Engineering and Castable resins.
Star wars intercepter
Resin printing from Tough UV resin
Coffee measure cup
FDM printing from PLA plastic
Drone frame
FDM printing from composite PETG-CF plastic
Top lid for arduino project
FDM printing from PLA plastic
Custom made drawer knob
FDM printing from PLA plastic
Small miniature for DnD game
Resin printing from Tough UV resin
Mold for Rodin coil
FDM printing from PLA plastic
Custom designed mask
FDM printing from PLA plastic with adaptive layers
How It Works
Getting a 3D model
  • You can send us a 3d model if you have it already.
  • If you have a broken part, you can take photos or bring it to our office on Bali, so we can create a 3D model for it using reverse-engineering or 3D scanning
  • If you just have sketches we can create 3D model based on your sketch.
Slicing 3D model
We will discuss requirements for print parts, depends on requirements we will suggest material and printing configuration. If parts need to be more rigid or flexible, get more strength or reduce weight etc.
Will slice 3D model in slicer software using defined parameters.
We use Orca, Cura and Chitubox slicers.
Price calculation

Based on printing time and amount of material we will calculate price for your part.

The bigger order we get the cheaper it will be per gram/ml of material.

3D printing
After confirming with client about price, colors and materials we will start printing.
We already have calibrated printers for all materials we use to make sure we provide best printing results.
Some prints might need a post-processing.
Such as:
  • removing supports
  • washing and curing UV resin
  • sanding
  • painting
Pick-up and Delivery
Once printed parts are ready we can order delivery with gojek/grab, package and send it with one of transport companies (Tiki, JNE, J&T) or you can come to our workshop to pick it up.
Make an order
You can send us files for calculation, we will reply in Whatsapp or email with a quote.
Upload your model(s)
Questions and Answers
Our Clients feedback
We want to make friends with our clients, so we are happy to answer your questions.
Perum Gading Kencana No.SH-10, Jimbaran, Kec. Kuta Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80361
Phone: +62 813 3786 9920


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